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I still can’t quite believe that Max will be starting school in September, but it’s rapidly approaching and I’m having to pull my head out from the sand and get everything ready. School uniform, name labels, settling in sessions. But there are so many other little things that I’d not even thought about, like lunchboxes, backpacks, and stationery. When the Disney Store got in touch to introduce us to their Back to School range, I knew Max would love their Mickey Mouse products – he’s a huge fan of ‘Vicky’ Mouse, as he calls him!


Little boy wearing Mickey Mouse backpack, looking over his shoulder and smiling

Disney Store Back to School range: Mickey Mouse backpack, drinks bottle, lunchbox, pencil case, and stationery set, sat on table in the garden


Packing your school bag is a huge step towards starting school, and it was great to have the draw of one of Max’s favourite characters to get him excited about it all. He couldn’t wait to see everything that was going to go into his backpack!

The Disney Store kindly sent us all of the school essentials. A Mickey Mouse lunchbox, with it’s own little fork and spoon enclosed, water bottle, pencil case, and stationery pack. I love the lunch notes – such a sweet idea to leave a little note or draw a picture to go in your child’s lunchbox so they can see it when they have their lunch. Oh, and don’t forget Mickey Mouse himself – clearly a school essential!


Little boy kneeling on the patio in the garden, packing a backpack. He is holding a Mickey Mouse lunchbox, which he's about to pack into the bag

Little boy holding Mickey Mouse lunchbox, looking down at it, ready to pack it into his bag

Little boy kneeling on a patio in the garden, packing his backpack for school. He is holding a Mickey Mouse figure, ready to pack it in the bag, and in front of him on the ground is a lunchbox, pencil case, and stationery pack


The Disney Store have back to school products featuring all of their most popular characters, so whether your little one is into Moana, Star Wars, Marvel, or The Little Mermaid, there’s bound to be products that will get them excited to go to school.

I asked Max what he thought were the essentials to take to school and he told me colouring pencils, PE kit, his toy camera, and a mobile phone (he doesn’t even have one!)



Little boy stood in the garden, packing his backpack for school

Mickey Mouse soft toy, peering out from black backpack

Little boy standing next to sunflower, trying to see if he's taller than it


Seeing him wearing his backpack made me all emotional – it looks so big on him, even with the straps adjusted as small as they’ll go! He’s so excited about the prospect of school though, and every time we pass it, he tells me “that my school Mummy, that where I’m going to go to school”.

So, with his bag all packed, I guess that means Max is now all ready to start school. I’m just not sure I’m ready to hand him over!


Disclosure: We were kindly sent the Back to School items from the Disney Store in exchange for this blog post.

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