Hop Little Bunny! Baby Fashion With The Disney Store


It’s coming up to Easter and my thoughts are filled with all things eggs, daffodils and bunnies. And when you have a cute little baby, the temptation to dress them up whenever you get the opportunity is just too good to miss! We’re huge Disney fans in our house; I often think that Disney was the foundation to my childhood, and it’s so lovely to be reliving it all again as my sons discover it for the first time.

I was so thrilled when the Disney Store got in touch to see if we’d like to test out some of their baby range with Ben. But I was even more excited when I saw what they’d sent us through – a little Thumper romper, Thumper cuddly toy, Thumper leggings and top, and the cutest little booties. I knew as soon as I opened up the box that Ben would look absolutely adorable in them and they’re just so perfect for cute Easter photo opportunities.

Bambi was one of my favourite films as a child, and I seem to have gone for a bit of a deer theme for Ben’s bedroom, so it was the perfect choice for us. Not that I’ve watched Bambi with the boys yet – I’m not sure they’re ready for the emotional intensity!

We took a little walk in the woods on Mothers Day, and there were signs of spring everywhere. Blossom just starting to bloom in the trees, and daffodils everywhere you looked – not that many sporting their yellow heads yet, but just give it a few weeks and there will be a sea of yellow.

And look who we found! Almost straight out of Bambi, the most adorable couple of bunnies, nestled amongst the daffodils.


Baby dressed in Thumper romper from The Disney Store, sat in amongst the yellow daffodils


I think you have to make the most of dressing your little ones like this while they’re still little enough to have the super cute factor! The Disney Store have so many adorable little outfits for your baby, and you can check out their whole baby range at the Disney Store website. Max is desperate to dress Ben up as Buzz Lightyear – his current favourite Disney character!


Baby's leg, wearing Disney Thumper trousers and Thumper booties

Baby's legs, wearing Disney Thumper leggings and Thumper booties


Tell me those little bunny booties aren’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?



Disclosure: I was sent these products by the Disney Store for the purpose of this blog post.

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