Ben’s Rainbow Nursery Room Tour


When it came to creating a nursery for Ben, the theme and colour scheme was an easy choice for me. With Max’s nursery decor I’d been torn between a muted grey and yellow theme, and a rainbow theme. Quite opposite ideas really, and although I ended up going down the grey and yellow route, I always craved a little boy’s room with more colour. Ben’s room is what used to be my office, and if you ever saw my Office Room Tour, you may remember the fabulous Sian Elin wallpaper I had in it. It’s such a statement wallpaper and I really couldn’t bear to take it down, so it made the choice for a rainbow themed room nice and easy.

At 7 months, Ben has only just moved into his room and as you can see from the photo below, he’s pretty chuffed with it! Being in our room for so long has given me lots of time to faff with his nursery and to keep rearranging and adding new bits, so come with me on a little room tour and I’ll show you around!


7 month old baby sitting up in cot, dressed in white and grey striped bear suit, cuddling Maileg soft toy deer


My biggest struggle with this room is it’s narrow width. It’s not quite a box room, but it is small and the dimensions are frustratingly narrow. When you have a small room it can feel very limiting in terms of what you can do to maximise the space. I’ve played around with a few different layouts, but I’ve settled on this one, which feels most spacious to me. I like that the furniture is laid out across the back wall and therefore behind you as you enter the room, making you feel like there is more space than there really is. Originally I had laid the cot against this wall, with the drawers and storage unit against the other wall, but this felt very enclosed and just left a narrow corridor to walk down in the middle. This new layout works far better in my eyes.


Rainbow inspired nursery in a small narrow bedroom, with cot sideways against the window, and chest of drawers at right angle

Rainbow nursery, shot from the other angle, with shelf from Great Little Trading Company, rainbow wall prints, and rainbow star felt garland


In terms of furniture, you really can’t beat Ikea for a children’s room. It’s cheap, sturdy, and wears well. Our Stuva cot, Koppang chest of drawers, and Kallax storage unit are all Ikea classics. The cot is a smaller size than the cot bed we had in Max’s room, and we deliberately chose this to fit in a small room.

One thing that I neglected to ever invest in for Max was a mattress protector, and knowing what I now know as a parent, it’s one thing that I think it really important. Those things take a beating over the years, and the more you can protect the mattress from the better. I was sent this one from Little Green Sheep and I love it. None of that scrunchiness you can get from a mattress protector, but totally waterproof and organic. Over it I have the most perfect rainbow sheets from Little Bird by Jools Oliver at Mothercare – I love the cute print on these and every time I share a photo of them on my Instagram I get so many people asking about them.


Little Green Sheep Organic mattress protector

Ollie the Owl from The Gro Company, sat in Ben's cot


Ben loves his Ollie the Owl from The Gro Company which I keep in his room. With it’s CrySensor, it’s made the transition to his own room a little bit easier. We were kindly given Ollie to review and we absolutely love him – you can read our full review here.

As well as the mattress protector, a key feature of a nursery has to be a cheap washable rug to protect the carpet. This was something we did have for Max, and I quickly learnt what a useful thing it was to be able to throw it into the washing machine. I found this rainbow striped rug from Rug Vista and at only ยฃ45 I won’t mind too much when it inevitably gets covered in something unsavoury!


Rainbow striped rug

Seagrass basket full of soft toys, including Maileg deer, and Meetoo Reindeer boy


The Koppang chest of drawers is another space saver from Ikea. Normally we just head straight to the Hemnes range, but we found this little chest which was much smaller, and cheaper too. I wasn’t a great fan of the handles, so we replaced them with some I bought years ago from Anthropologie but never got around to finding a home for.


Great Little Trading Company shelf, with Grimms rainbow, Jellycat dinosaur, A Little Lovely Company Cloud light, Zazu Penguin light, Funko Pop Bambi figure, and Ikea white succulent pots


I splashed out on the Star Wall Shelf from Great Little Trading Company – as it’s mounted high on the wall I figured it will be safe from little destructive hands, and I love the little hanging hooks to hang up Ben’s Snuzpouch, and any special outfits. It’s the perfect shelf for displaying little nik naks and whenever I have a few minutes to myself I can’t resist a bit of faffing with the bits I have on display.

The penguin is a night light and music box from Zazu, and I love the cloud night light from A Little Lovely Company, which pairs so well with the Grimms Rainbow. I had a similar wooden name sign in Max’s room, but for Ben’s room I discovered The Wooden Letter Company, who did similar script letters at a really reasonable price, which I painted up in a bright purple colour. I couldn’t resist the little Funko Pop Bambi figure – with this as well as all of his Maileg soft toy deer (which you can find at Daisy Belle Dreams), I seem to be having a bit of an inadvertent deer theme going on in Ben’s room, alongside the rainbows, and a slight nod to travel too, with the vintage globe and the Sass & Belle suitcases. I do like to be eclectic!


Three rainbow prints in frames, Succulent print and My Happy Place print from Paper Joy, and Roald Dahl Those Who Don't Believe in Magic quote from TeenyLetters Etsy store


The three prints are some of my favourite things in Ben’s room. The Roald Dahl quote, “Those Who Don’t Believe In Magic Will Never Find It”, is one of my favourites and I love the rainbow foil lettering by Teeny Letters. The other two prints are by Paper Joy via Not On The High Street. I love Kerry’s colourful prints, and with my love of succulents I couldn’t resist! The rainbow star garland is from Sass & Wonder on Etsy.


Authentic models rainbow hot air balloons


Another of my favourite items in the room are the two rainbow hot air balloons by Authentic Models*. I like that they give a bit of a whimsical touch to the room, and along with the vintage globe and the suitcases, they give a slight nod to a travel theme, as well as the rainbow colours.


Row of jigsaw elephants painted in rainbow colours

Ikea Kallax storage cube with coloured cube inserts, in front of Sian Elin Tress wallpaper


The little wooden elephants are a jigsaw set from a lovely seller I found a few years ago at Winchester Christmas Market. Winchester seem to have the same stalls every year though, so if you like them, mark the date in your diary for next Christmas! They fit perfect along the top of the trusty Kallax.

I still have a few more touches to add I think. That corner at the foot of the cot and beneath the shelf is crying out for some kind of storage to make good use of the space, and I feel we need something underneath the framed prints too. But for now, this is Ben’s nursery – I hope you like it!


A Rainbow Inspired Nursery Room Tour


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  • Chloe O’Keeffe

    I love the rainbow colour scheme- especially the wallpaper! It looks so relaxing and homely!x

    • Thank you – I’d definitely have been really sad to lose the wallpaper! No doubt I’ll cry in a few years when he wants Spiderman or Paw Patrol or whatever the in thing is then!

  • Cliona Kelliher

    Oh, it’s just fab! I really love the wallpaper and how you have coordinated all the colours around it. You’ve definitely made the best use of the space too, even though I can see it’s a small room, it doesn’t look cramped at all, just perfect really! And all the little decorative touches are so cute ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you so much! It’s definitely an awkward space to work with. I played around with so many different layouts before I was happy!

  • Helen Jacob-Lloyd

    Aww what a beautiful nursery – I absolutely love the bright colours and wall paper design ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Vicky

    I love that you decided to bring colour into your little boy’s room! It looks like such a great space. It’s also something that is easy for him to grow with too without you needing to hurry to change the design x

  • What a beautiful nursery! Lovely touches of colour. The rainbow hot air balloons are stunning, such a nice little feature.

    Jordanne ||

    • Thank you – they’re one of my favourite touches too. I was frustrated I couldn’t get a good angle to show them in situ!

  • Alexandra Donnelly

    What a happy room!! You’ve done an amazing job to inject such lovely colours in there, I’m sure it’s a delight to go in to him in the mornings! x

    • Haha, if only it was just in the morning! ๐Ÿ˜‰ But it’s definitely a lovely happy space to sit in with him

  • NewMummy Blogger

    It’s gorgeous! Well done, and Ben looks so so happy! Hope he’s getting on well in his own room and yore coping too xx

    • Thank you! He’s getting on fairly similarly to be fair – no worse, no better ๐Ÿ™‚ At least the transition has been ok, and despite the emotion of the move, I’m definitely sleeping better myself

  • Elaine

    Wow what a gorgeous room! I really love those prints. We haven’t got enough art in my son’s room – time to change that I think!

    • There’s so many lovely places to look for lovely prints – I can easily fall down an Etsy browsing rabbit hole!

  • It’s absolutely gorgeous. I love how bright and colourful it is and I love so many of those accessories! I’m off to check out some of those shops.

    • Thank you! I love that I embraced the colour this time around – I sometimes shy away as I think it can be more difficult to pull everything together.

  • jennifuchs

    It’s such a beautiful room! Great work! And I love the Roald Dahl quote.

  • Laura

    Oh that wallpaper is fabulous! I have a nursery to decorate soon as I’m pregnant with number 3 but as we moved house in September I also have two children’s rooms to decorate soon too so I am looking at lots of ideas. But this room is gorgeous!

    • Ah, I do love having a room to decorate! We did my older son’s room at the same time – it only feels fair to give the older ones a bit of an update too. Good luck with it all (we completely failed to get it done before he was born, it’s been a long slog!)

  • I love colour so this nursery is perfect for me. I particularly love the wallpaper and the cot sheets.

    • The sheets are gorgeous aren’t they? I found it really difficult to find things to work with the wallpaper at first, but then I got onto a roll!

  • TheGrowingMum

    Looks amazing though I may be the only mother who has to bother decorating their child’s room hahaha. He’s 17 months now so I might just wait till he’s older so he can choose

    • To be fair, I’ve done no actual decorating in this room, it was already done! They always prefer choosing anyway, you’ve probably made a winning choice there!

  • Ben certainly does look thrilled with his new room! You did such a beautiful job decorating it. I love the rainbow decor and little touches you have done x

  • Cecile Blaireau

    OMG! He is so gorgeous and I love the atmosphere of this room! The wallpaper is super nice and I so want the Owl too! You have made an amazing job! So colourful and with a lot of taste

  • I love the rainbow theme! Some beautiful touches and things that mean something to you. We have the little bird sheets which don’t really match anything else in Kippers room but I could not resist them. The only question will be what to upcycle them into! x

    • They’re so lovely, aren’t they? I think I got them in the sale this time last year, so I picked them out ages ago! I’d not thought about upcycling – what a great idea. That pattern is too good to waste!

  • Laura @dearbearandbeany

    I adore this photo of Ben! It’s beautiful Katy, you have an eye for good interiors and it all works so well together x

    • Ah, thank you Laura! I actually found the rainbow colours quite difficult to bring together, which is why I shied away from it with Max’s room. I’m so glad I persisted though, as I love this space.

  • Clare McDougall

    What a gorgeous nursery! I love so many bits of it! Particularly the rainbow and the elephants.

  • Kira

    Oh I love Bens room! Itโ€™s gorgeous and I am in love with the rug ๐Ÿ™‚