The First Day Of School…


Dear Max,

It’s finally here. Your very first day of school. We’ve spent the last few weeks looking at the photos of so many other children, dressed so smartly in their school uniform and with that nervous / excited smile on their faces, and now finally it’s your turn to put on your uniform and walk into your classroom.

You said to me just last week, “Mummy, I going to miss you when I’m at school”, but I think we both know that it’s me who’s going to miss you the most! You’ve been my constant companion for the last 4 years and it’s been such a pleasure watching you grow into the most kind, thoughtful, and loving little boy that you are. I’ve loved our days together, and although I know that you’ve enjoyed your time at nursery, I’ve been so grateful that I’ve only had to share you for those two days a week.

For so long I’ve buried my head in the sand about you starting school. I put it to the back of my mind for as long as I could, but slowly and surely, we’ve had to start buying uniform, getting school shoes, haircuts, and, this week, I’ve finally labelled all your clothes – the final admission that it’s actually happening.

I know that there is so much that school has to offer you. You’re such a bright little boy, full of curiosity about how things work, and I know that school will fuel your love of science in a way that your arty-minded mummy can never do. There are so many questions you ask me that I have to answer honestly, “I just don’t know Max’! Despite the fact that your first job aspiration was a bin man (something I struggled to see the appeal of, as you hate mess and horrible smells), it seems clear already that you love to know how things work and fix them.

You’re not a fan of writing or numbers, so I’m not too sure how you’ll get on on that front, but I’m sure your teachers will bring it to life for you, and your Daddy and I will be here at home to help you with it too.


Little boy sat on wooden crate, holding apple, next to sign that reads "my first day at school"


I know that you’ll make new friends as effortlessly as you always do. You make me laugh, because you can be shy at first, but once you’ve warmed up to people, you’re the biggest chatterbox around, and you love to be the centre of attention, organising people into a big game. You’re a natural extrovert, not like me at all, and I so admire that about you.

I was determined to make the most of this last year with you, and we’ve definitely managed to fill our summer full of adventures together. We’ve built sandcastles at the beach in St Ives, had picnics at every National Trust property within a 50 mile radius, searched for Gruffalos in the woods, had water fights in rivers, and eaten more ice creams than I would ever admit to your dentist. It’s been a summer full of memories, for me, and I really hope for you too.

I suspect that 5 days a week at school will come as a bit of a shock, and I know that the first term is bound to have it’s fair share of wobbles and difficult moments, but I have no doubt that once you find your feet, school will be where you truly discover what you’re good at, and where you shine. When you put on your school uniform and hug me goodbye tomorrow morning, it’s the start of what I know will be a wonderful journey for you. And while I’m sad at the end of the preschool years and our time together, I’m so excited for everything that’s ahead for you.

Love you always

Mummy xx

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