Encouraging Wildlife in the Garden with Boxwild


We’re such big fans of learning about nature as a family and anything that gets us outside in the garden is always a big hit. One of Max’s favourite activities is topping up his bird feeder and seeing all the different kinds of birds come flocking to feast on the seed. We loved our Gift Box from Boxwild last year, so it was a lovely surprise for Max to receive their Children’s Bird Gift Box from them. It contains a nesting box with paints for you to paint it yourself, along with two packs of birdseed, a bird feeder, and a little scoop. He was so excited to open it up and see that he had his very own bird box to paint.


Boxwild Children's Bird Gift Box

Boxwild Children's Bird Gift Box


It was the perfect afternoon activity after one of Max’s half days at school. He loved the idea of painting the bird box himself, so we headed out to the garden to paint it on the table outside (we always do our painting outside!). The box included 4 different colours of paint to choose from, although it’s worth noting that they are pretty small, so it’s essential to use them all to paint the whole box (and we left the back unpainted). Max was determined to choose which colour paint he wanted to use for each side, and I managed to be fairly hands off, letting him paint it himself with minimal help from me. I’m getting better at not interfering! It might not be the most perfectly painted bird box ever, but I’m sure the birds won’t mind.


Little boy, sat a wooden table, painting a wooden bird box

Close up of tiny paint pots, lined up on wooden table, with little boy dipping a paint brush in the green pot

Little boy painting a bird box from the Boxwild Children's Bird Gift Box

Wooden Bird Nesting Box, painted in green, red and yellow

Little boy painting a wooden bird box


Max was so chuffed to have painted it all by himself and was so excited that a bird might actually choose to make it’s nest in it. It was amazing to hear him telling me all about how birds make their nests and then lay eggs too – it turns out he is taking things in when I talk to him about it all!

He couldn’t wait to start filling up the bird feeder, although his pouring skills need a bit of work I think! The scoop makes it easier for little hands to fill up the feeder, but we still managed to spill a fair bit on the table this time around. I loved hearing him chat away to me as he was filling it up, asking me questions about which birds I thought would visit us.


Little boy sat at garden table, using a scoop to fill a bird feeder with bird seed

Little boy filling bird feeder with bird seed


Boxwild are a local company to us in Surrey, and their seed blends are carefully planned to give the best nutrition for the birds. This gift box contained the Blue Tit Blend, which is perfect for us, as most of our visiting birds are blue tits (a fact Max is proud to identify), as well as the Boxwild Bird Seed Blend. They also donate 50p per box sold to UK wildlife charities to help support UK wildlife in every possible way.

We hung up our bird feeder, and immediately had to go to find Max’s nature books so that we’d be able to identify any birds that came to visit and maybe even set up home in the bird box.


Picture book, open on illustration of a bird nest with blue eggs in


It’s lovely to see Max getting so excited about nature – I really do think that to be able to take pleasure in the small things in life is such an important thing to learn, and I want to cherish these little moments together.

The Children’s Bird Gift Box was such a lovely way to spend an afternoon and I hope that it will give us lots more entertainment over the next few months.

You can buy the Boxwild Children’s Bird Gift Box from the Boxwild website, priced at £28.00.


Disclosure: We were kindly sent the Children’s Bird Gift Box by Boxwild in return for this blog post

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