Weaning Made Easy with Bibetta and Annabel Karmel


I’ll fully admit that weaning is one of the stages that I’ve enjoyed most both times. Even despite the difficulties we’ve had with Ben’s allergies, I don’t think you can beat introducing your child to all the different foods and watching them develop their likes and dislikes. But the definite downside of weaning is the mess! I did a great job in keeping the baby clothes lovely and stain free until we hit the weaning stage. Now I’m sure nearly every item of clothing Ben owns has a slight tinge of orange around the neckline. A good bib is one of the best investments you’ll make if you like to buy nice clothes for your baby!

I’m very much in the mixture of fingers foods and purees camp which has worked really well for both my children, and we’ve loved Annabel Karmel recipes as a family, so when I saw Bibetta had teamed up with Annabel Karmel to make a new bib design I had a hunch it would be right up my street. If you don’t know Annabel Karmel, then I’m guessing you don’t have kids! She’s one of the UK’s bestselling children’s cookery authors and has a whole range of recipe books and feeding accessories. I can’t think of anyone more perfect to partner with Bibetta, whose bibs are so well regarded by so many parents.

Bibetta have produced a brand new Ultrabib with Annabel Karmel’s distinctive apple print logo and it’s definitely one of the prettiest bibs I’ve come across. We were kindly sent the blue apple print to try out and it’s been a hit in our house. Ben isn’t a great fan of wearing bibs, but the neoprene material of this one is soft and flexible which I think makes it comfier than a plastic bib. Although he will still rip it off at the end of a meal, he’ll tolerate it while he’s eating.  I love the fold out pelican style pocket to catch fallen food, which means less food on the floor, and it’s easy to hand wash too.


Closeup of the Bibetta Ultrabib with Annabel Karmel apple print


It has a waterproof bottom layer and an absorbent top layer, so nothing will soak through the bib onto their clothes, and it’s even tumble dryer proof. But you won’t need to tumble dry it, because seriously, this bib dries in no time at all! So often I need to get a new bib for tea as the lunchtime bib is still wet from being washed – the neoprene material seems to repel water and it dries super fast. It’s also great at repelling stains – these strawberries at our picnic left no mark after a wash.


Baby eating strawberries and wearing the Bibetta Ultrabib in Annabel Karmel apple print


The Ultrabib is available in the traditional bib design, or with sleeves, which is brilliant if you’re going down the baby led weaning route.


The Annabel Karmel Ultrabib and Ultrabib with sleeves are available in pink, blue and green colourways and priced at RRP £6.99 for the Ultrabib and RRP £11.99 for the Ultrabib with sleeves.


Disclosure: We were sent the Ultrabib in exchange for this post.


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