Sharing the Blog Love – Showcase #87


Welcome back to #SharingtheBlogLove! I hope you enjoyed last week’s linky and it’s lovely to see you back again this week!

If you’re new to #SharingtheBlogLove, these are mine and Laura’s favourite posts from last week’s linky. As part of the linky we’d like you to choose one post from each showcase post (one from mine and one from Laura’s) to head over to and leave a comment to show them some extra blog love. It’s always lovely to take a look at our featured posts this week and see how many extra comments they’ve had from you guys!


Old House in the Shires

I’m currently spending far too much of my time lusting after high end kitchens on Pinterest. We’re planning an extension which will include a complete kitchen refit, and as I’ve hated our kitchen with a passion for the 4 years we’ve lived here, it’s something I’m so excited about. I loved this post on Kitchen Extension Decisions – so many beautiful kitchen ideas and so perfectly up my street I could have written it! If you’re planning your own kitchen renovation, or even if you just like to daydream, head over and check out Sophie’s post.


Five Little Doves

Sometimes you read a blog post and it’s so honest and raw that you need to come back later to comment properly. This was one of those posts for me. I thought Laura’s post, Why I’m Jealous of Your Loss, was so heartbreakingly honest, and so so understandable, that I was really struck by it. I think when something tragic happens in your own life, it’s completely natural to be jealous of those who haven’t experienced it, or who have experienced it to a lesser extent. I think that jealously is a natural part of the human condition, and, if we’re honest with ourselves, we all feel it. It’s often something that is taboo and not spoken about, but I think if you’ve gone through something that is so emotionally painful, it’s so important that there are people out there talking about it. If you’ve not already read Laura’s post, please do head over.



Bubbablue and Me

I read once that every parent has an age that they’re best suited to and I think there’s a lot of truth in that. But I think that there is so much to enjoy about every age – they all have their own challenges and joys. I loved Emma’s post on The Best Things About Kids At Every Age, it was spot on for the ages I’ve experienced so far, and it got me excited for all those years ahead.


The Rolling Baby

We all love holidays don’t we? But the preparation is something that I’ll never get on board with – I find it so stressful trying to make sure that we’ve not forgotten that one thing that is so important! I have to admit that I wasn’t the most laid back packer before children came along, but since then I’ve become so much more stressed about the whole thing. If you’re heading away on your first trip with a baby, then this post from Amy will help – it has some great tips for easing the stress and making sure things run smoothly.

Did you catch any of these last time? If not, please head over and give them a read and a comment.

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