Strawberry Picking at Crockford Bridge Farm


I remember back in January one day, I asked Max what he’d like to do and he very excitedly told me “strawberry picking”. The poor guy has waited patiently until finally strawberry season is upon us and our local PYO farm at Crockford Bridge announced their strawberries were ready for picking.

My husband took the boys a few weeks ago while I was away, but on a drive back from a weekend away last week we drove past the farm and Max piped up from the back “we go on a strawberry hunt today?” And so we did!

Crockford Bridge is one of the best PYO farms around – they have a huge range of crops and are great at updating their website and facebook page to tell you what’s ready for picking. Strawberries are always one of the first crops ready, so you do need to make sure you get in early if you want to do some strawberry picking.

Crockford Bridge also have a great playground area at the entrance, and during the summer they open their ice cream parlour too, so you can take a picnic and make a real day out of it if you like.


Little boy wearing white jumper with blue stripes and blue shorts, walking through strawberry fields holding a strawberry punnet half full of strawberries

Little boy crouching down, reaching for a strawberry in the strawberry fields


I’ve always loved strawberry picking. It’s one of my stand out memories of summer as a child, although I think we only did it a couple of times. Walking through the fields, seeking out the best and the juiciest strawberries around, and going home with punnets full of strawberries that I swear taste better than any you can buy in the supermarket.

Max saw the whole thing as a competition – he had a punnet and I had a punnet and he was determined to fill his first, and find all the best ones before I did. Of course, he had a slight advantage, as I also had the camera, and his Daddy kept adding to his punnet as well, which secured his position as the winner!




Close up of punnet of strawberries, held by little boy's hands

Little blond boy dressed in white jumper with blue stripes and navy shorts, walking through the straw lined strawberry fields on a overcast day

Little boy holding out half full punnet of strawberries

Punnet of strawberries being held out by little boy, as his daddy fills it with strawberries

Little boy reaching down to pick up a strawberry off the straw lined ground in the strawberry field



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