The Little Things: Conker Hunting


I think one of the things that I love most about being a parent is the chance to introduce your child to all of the wonderful things of each season and see that look of joy in their eyes as they discover them for the first time. There’s no doubt that autumn has arrived, and I’m always determined to celebrate it by filling our days with autumnal adventures.

We took Max conker hunting last week and it was his first time – I think it’s fair to say he loved it! We had to search quite hard as we certainly weren’t the first conker hunters to visit that day, but amongst the fallen leaves we found some great little treasures. Max’s eyes lit up as we showed him how to prise the shell open and find the glossy brown conker hiding inside.


Max running through leaves towards the camera, laughing

Max holding conkers in two hands, smiling

Closeup of conker collection, some with shells, some without

Closeup of conker in child's hand, with dirty fingers


We came home and lined up our conker collection on the wall and admired their shinyness. Max loved arranging them all in a row – I love how meticulous he is.


These little things are the things that you don’t often do as an adult. We’re so often too busy, rushing on with our lives, to take the time to appreciate and enjoy the little things. But as a parent you get the chance to relive all those little things through the eyes of your child, and it’s just magical.

It was a perfect day – simple, nothing special, but full. Full of love, full of joy, and full of memories.


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