A sneaky peek at my makeup organisation


I’ve always been a bit of a makeup addict and an organiser, so there’s nothing that combines these two passions better than makeup organisation! I recently revamped my dressing table which gave me the push I needed to really look at better ways to store my makeup. Until just recently, I used a big makeup artist’s trunk which sat on the floor – not the most ideal solution – and meant that most of the makeup that I used on a day to day basis would just end up strewn across my dressing table.



Storage is key for good organisation. My main objective was to find little homes for all of my bits and pieces, but to still be able to access them easily. Like lots of beauty bloggers out there, I love acrylic drawers for this – they allow you to still see what’s in each drawer, but fit so many products in each one. MUJI is the standard place to buy these, but as I don’t have one near me I opted for this Osco version from John Lewis which cost £20.


3 Acrylic drawers, MAC lipsticks in top drawer, blush compacts in second, and MAC palette in third

Closeup shot of MAC lipsticks lined up in drawer

Second drawer - Rosie from Autograph blush and Bronzer, Stila Convertible Color


I love how I can line up all my MAC lipsticks so that I can see the label and know which one I’m picking out! Gone are the days when I would be looking for a particular shade and have pulled out every single one before I found the one I was looking for. I keep the top drawer for lip products, the middle for cheeks, and the bottom stores my MAC eyeshadow palette.


MAC Pro Palette

If you’ve not come across the MAC palettes before, they really are the best way to store your MAC eyeshadows. I’ve always liked to choose my own shades rather than buy a pre-selected palette, but once you have more than a handful storing and organising them becomes a problem. The Pro-Palettes come in different sizes and I have two that hold 15 eyeshadows in each. There are little magnets to hold your eyeshadow pans in place. If you’ve already invested in lots of MAC eyeshadows, there’s just a bit of faff in transferring the pans out of the individual packaging, but there are great tutorials on Youtube for how to do this – basically you just melt the glue with a hairdryer, and then prise the pan out of the pot. It’s actually much easier than it sounds! And you can buy refills to pop directly in without the packaging – the best bit is that they’re £3 cheaper this way!


More Storage

Obviously there are oversized items that don’t fit in my acrylic drawers that I wanted to find a home for. My foundation, night cream, and other bits and bobs needed somewhere to live. So I also bought this acrylic makeup stand to house all of those miscellaneous items.


Acrylic makeup stand, holding Estee Lauder foundation, Essie nail varnishes, Jo Malone Perfumes, Benefit Rollerlash mascara

Closeup of acrylic makeup stand - Estee Lauder DoubleWear Foundation, Essie nail varnishes


But I found that I still needed more space to house my nail varnish collection. I had been hoping that they would fit in the little slots in the makeup stand, but they’re just that bit too big to fit. So I bought this mini 3-tier nail varnish stand – cheap and cheerful at £6.49 from Amazon.


3-tier acrylic nail varnish stand holding Essie nail varnishes


Although it’s described as mini, I’m not a huge nail varnish lover, so this is perfect for me. I love how they all look lined up next to each other – it makes that organisation nerd in me do a little cheer!


On the go!

I also carry around a few items in my handbag for daily touch ups, which I pop in this super cute little cactus makeup bag from Oliver Bonas.

Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks and Oliver Bonas Cactus pink makeup bag

Oliver Bonas Pink stripe and cactus makeup bag


How do you organise your makeup? Are there any tricks I’m missing?


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