Tips to Get Your Kitchen Organised


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We are currently planning our new kitchen, and I’m determined that this time around I’m going to be organised from the start, with a place for everything. No more searching around in the depths of the drawers for the right sized tuppaware lid!

Make Use of Door Space

There are so many things that can be stored on the inside of a door – you can find racks to attach for herbs and spices, saucepan lids, cleaning products. All of those small things that don’t take up too much space but tend to be clutter in a drawer or cupboard are perfect candidates for a door mounted storage rack. Saucepan lids are my bugbear – I’m always scrabbling around our pan drawers trying to find them, so we desperately need to find a better solution for storing these in the new kitchen. A rack to stack them all up, ordered by size, seems the perfect solution.

Find Your Perfect Waste Bin

We are making big steps to reduce our waste as a household, and a good waste bin is a big part of that, with enough space for waste and a design that looks sleek as well as functional. Brabantia have a huge range so you can find your perfect waste bin, whether you prefer a touch open, or pedal operated lid, or whether you like the traditional chrome look, or more of a contemporary and fun colour.

If you prefer a waste bin that is hidden away, Brabantia also have lots of options for a waste bin that will fit in a cupboard. I think we will be opting to hide our bin away in the new kitchen, as I’m hoping to have very little out on display on the worktops or around the kitchen.

As well as being able to hide our bin away, separate compartments for rubbish and recycling are really important – when your recycling waste bin is right next to the rubbish, it makes it far less tempting for any member of the family to throw recycling in the rubbish. The Brabantia Sort and Go Built In Bin looks like the ideal waste bin for us, as it will fit in a cupboard, and gives us lots of space for both recycling and waste.

A Place For Food Waste

We have a compost bin in our garden, which is a great way to make use of our own food waste and save money on compost too. It’s a HotBin, which heats up the waste really quickly, giving you mulch within 30 days and compost within 90. But it does require regular ‘feeding’ to keep the temperature hot enough to do its job. A little caddy kept under the sink in the kitchen, which can be emptied regularly into a larger bin outside makes this much easier, as our compost bin is at the end of our garden and a long walk, so it’s not an appealing prospect if it’s raining or dark.

Storage Boxes for Cleaning Products

I’ve seen the idea of using storage boxes across the kitchen, and although I think it looks so pretty, it’s not for me, as I know I wouldn’t have a hope of remembering what was in each box (having kids has ruined my memory!) But I do find it useful to use storage boxes for cleaning products. There are certain products that I will always use together and make sense as a group (e.g. bathroom products, laundry, daily cleaning, or deep cleaning), so boxes are the ideal way to store these. When you need to use them, you just pull the box out and take with you to whichever room you’re heading to – it makes life so much easier!

Think About Location

One of the best things I’ve been told about kitchen storage is to make sure that everyday items are located in the easiest spots to reach, with special occasion items higher up, or in cupboards which aren’t to hand. Pots and pans should be located closest to the cooker, and glasses and plates closer to the dishwasher or the sink.

It’s so simple, but so effective, and I know how difficult it can be to face reorganising everything once it’s all been moved in.

Use Wire Shelf Risers and Plate Stackers

If you’re short on storage space (aren’t we all?), then it’s important to make the very best use of the cupboard space you do have. Wire shelf risers are fantastic for increasing vertical storage space, effectively giving you a second shelf, and allowing you to make full use of the space available. And plate stackers mean no more stacking different sized plates and bowls on top of each other and lifting all of the side plates and pasta bowls out of the cupboard when you need to get a dinner plate out.

Do you have any kitchen organisation tips for me? I’d love to hear your suggestions – please do leave me a comment.

Disclosure: This is a paid post. All words and opinions are my own.

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