Interior Design Trends Everyone Loves But I Don’t


In making decisions for our current home renovation project, I’ve realised that there are certain features that seem to be on everyone’s wishlist, but that I really don’t like. I read a thread on Mumsnet recently where people discussed exactly this, and it was fascinating to read – there were so many things on the list that I love, that other people didn’t, and so many that I agreed with, despite them being considered must-haves by estate agents all across the country. What it definitely showed me was that taste is such a personal thing, and when you’re redesigning your home, there’s no point in trying to cater to what you think other people want, as you’ll never please everyone. Go for what makes you happy and you won’t go wrong!

But I did find it really interesting reading, so thought it would be fun to share some of the things that I don’t like, that everyone else does. And I’ve also included a few things that I love that I know other people hate – we’re all individuals after all!

Bifold Doors

These are on everyone’s list at the moment, aren’t they? So popular that our architect just assumed we would want them, and included them in our design, before I voiced my dislike of them.

I don’t object to bifold doors in principle, but I don’t feel the modern look is the right choice for our Victorian home. I think I’m one of the few people in the country who don’t actually like the look of them when they’re fully open – it just looks strange to my eyes, especially in an old house. We’ve opted for French doors with glass panels either side, which should let in the same amount of light as bifold doors, but obviously won’t be able to open fully.


Another one that seems to be top of the list for most people. I don’t like the thought of water being so close to the bedroom, or being sat on the toilet while my husband is in bed next door) and I would prefer the bathroom to be located further away from the bedroom if possible (it will end up being next to our master bedroom in our new layout, but we couldn’t have made it work another way).

I remember visiting a friend in her uni house where her landlord had installed a shower in a fitted wardrobe, which sums up everything I hate about en-suites. They’re usually too small, too dark, and they feel crammed in. I’d much rather have more space in the bedroom personally!

Open Plan Living

For me, there is a balance when it comes to open plan living. We currently have an open plan dining room and kitchen, and will be extending the kitchen into the garden, which could potentially have allowed us to create an open plan kitchen-dining-living area. This was a source of much discussion between me and my husband!

I feel that open plan living works well when your children are little, but once they get a bit older, it’s important to have space for people to do different things in different rooms. Homework in one room, watching TV in another, cooking in another.

The other huge issue that a big open plan space would have created is that we wouldn’t have actually had space in the living area to put furniture in to be able to use it properly. We are planning to use our current dining room as a playroom for the boys, but with an open plan wall against one wall, a staircase across the other, and a window and radiator across another, it only left one wall to put furniture against, which isn’t an ideal setup for a playroom.

Canvas Prints

I’m seemingly alone in this, but I really don’t like canvas prints of family photos up on the wall. I love having photos up, and I think it’s really important to print and display family photos, but for some reason I just don’t like the look of canvas. I think photos should be in frames!

Macrame Wall Hangings

This is one that’s become so trendy over the last few years, and I see them everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram. In theory, it’s one I should like, as my taste can lean towards a bit of granny chic, but I just don’t see the appeal in these at all. They look like something that belongs on the floor rather than the wall, and whether it’s wall hangings, plant holders, or any other use you can find for it, it’s not something that will ever have a place in my home.

All White Minimalism

I’m very much not a minimalist, and an all white home leaves me cold. Give me colour any day! I have no idea how anyone with small children manages to live with white anyway – spaghetti bolognese is the one thing my fussy eaters have always devoured, and there’s no way I’d brave that with white everywhere.

And Things I Love That Everyone Hates…

Newborn baby swaddled and sleeping in crib, with rainbow sheets and geometric patterned Sian Elin wallpaper
Photo by And Then She Clicked

Bold Wallpaper

Ah, I do love a bold wallpaper! We’ve had quite a few in our house – Sian Elin’s Tress, which I had in my office (which later became Ben’s nursery), Julia Rothmann’s Daydream in our bedroom, and a fabulous Amy Butler print in our dining room. I’m well aware they’re not to everyone’s taste, and I keep reading how feature walls are ‘out’, but I still love them! I’m on the hunt for a lovely patterned wallpaper for our downstairs toilet, and I’m seeing some wonderful prints that I’m eyeing up for Ben’s new room too.

Bedroom at Bel and the Dragon


Velvet is such a winner for me! We have velvet sofas, and a tufted velvet headboard on our bed, and I’m definitely not over the velvet trend one bit. To me it’s feminine, classic, and homely, and if I had to replace our sofas and bed, I’d choose velvet time and time again.

Metro Tiles

Again and again I read that metro tiles will date “so quickly”. I’ve been reading this for about 10 years now, and I still love them just as much. We’re planning to use them in our bathroom, as I think they’re beautiful and classic, and work perfectly in an older style home. We’ll see – maybe in 5 years time I’ll be eating my words, but right now I love them, so we’re going with it.

Ultimately, I think we should all have whatever makes us happy in our houses! But I do find it interesting how even when things become trends, that there are still hundreds and thousands of people who don’t buy into the trends.

So how many of these do you have in your house? And what trends do you not like at all?

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