Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Makeup for M&S


Marks and Spencer’s long-term collaboration with model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has to be one of their most successful partnerships – I struggle to remember the last time I bought a bra that wasn’t from her lingerie range! So as soon as I heard that Rosie was putting her name to a new makeup range for M&S I was excited to see what was on offer.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Makeup

A quick glance at the range didn’t disappoint – the packaging is really beautiful, all so on trend in rose gold and very Charlotte Tilbury-esque. Admittedly, on closer inspection, it’s clear that it doesn’t feel quite a high-end as Charlotte Tilbury – the palettes feel that bit heavier, and the click mechanism on the palette isn’t quite as neat. But the lipsticks have a fabulous magnetic click close which I love. And at £14 versus the £23 that a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick will set you back, it’s probably unreasonable to expect quite the same level of finish. I’d much rather the product inside matched up to expectations.

After much consideration I plumped for the Bronzer in Magic Contour (£18) and the Cream Blush in Natures Blush (£14). And then a few days later I popped back to buy the lipstick in Lady Rose (£14)!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Makeup

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Lipstick Lady Rose

Bronzer in Magic Contour

The bronzer comes in two shades – Magic Contour, and the slightly darker Bronzed Beauty. Although I have more olive toned skin, I opted for the Magic Contour shade, as I don’t like to look overly ‘bronzed’, I tend to use bronzer more for contouring around the cheekbones. And I love what this achieves – it gives just that subtle glow, without being noticeable. It feels lightweight to wear and lasts well throughout the day.

Cream Blush in Natures Blush

I have to admit that I usually prefer a powder blush, and this was my first experience of a cream blush for quite some time. I apply it with a brush and it goes on really smoothly, and is perfectly possible to apply just a tiny amount (which has always been my issue with cream blushes in the past). The brush picks up a really small amount and you can build the colour to your desired effect. The finish is more dewy than a powder, and gives a really natural flush to the cheeks.

Lipstick in Lady Rose

Lady Rose is touted as the ‘must have’ lipstick of the range, the perfect pink that will suit everyone. I love the little Rosie H-W flower logo carved into the lipstick, it’s such a lovely little touch. The finish is lovely, very matte, but more easy-to-wear than say, a MAC matte formulation, and not overly drying either. The colour is perfect – it’s a brownish pink, similar to Charlotte Tilbury’s Stoned Rose, but with a tad more pinkness to it. On my olive skin it’s very natural looking for day-wear and is a lovely neutral.

The range also includes a Radiance Cream (hyped by Rosie as the ‘must-have’ of the collection), mascara, and 4 different eyeshadow quads.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Makeup Range

One slight bone of contention with M&S on this, is that their in-store displays have all opted to stick the compact testers firmly down to the display (presumably to prevent shoplifting). This unfortunately has the effect that you cannot tell which shade you’re actually looking at, which is pretty critical when you’re buying a blusher!

Despite my quibble over the display, I’m hugely pleased with all 3 purchases I’ve made from this range so far, and I’m hoping to try out more in the future.