Sharing the Blog love – Showcase 3


Welcome to this week’s #SharingtheBlogLove Blogger Showcase! Laura and I were really pleased to have so many of your lovely posts to choose from again. We have each managed to choose our 4 favourites and we really hope that you’ll enjoy reading them. Just a reminder that to be selected as a featured post, you must have added the badge and done the minimum commenting.

The Frenchie Mummy

I loved The Frenchie Mummy’s post on Finding Happiness – a bit controversial perhaps, but I like a controversial read! Her post recognises the seriousness of postnatal depression, but admits the difficulties of being a new mother. That it’s normal to struggle in the early days, to wonder what on earth you’ve let yourself in for. To feel like you’ve lost yourself, your old life, and your whole identity. From my own experience, I felt like I was the only one finding it this hard. That everyone else was having a pretty blissful time with their newborns. There is so much pressure on us all to be perfect mothers, that it’s easy to feel like we’re failing.

It was only after starting my blog that some of my friends opened up and revealed that actually, they’d found it really hard going too. While it’s important to be aware of PND, I think it’s also important to be open and honest about what a tough gig motherhood is!

Petite Pudding

Being ‘cool’ is such a weird thing isn’t it? We spend our teens desperately trying to be cool. But as I get older I find I care less and less (god help me when I’m an old lady!). I love Petite Pudding’s post Learning to be Uncool and Loving It – totally embracing the dungarees and rocking out to a bit of 80’s power ballads! (Come on, who doesn’t secretly love a bit of Phil Collins?!) There’s something freeing about finally giving up really caring what people think about you – although dungarees are back ‘in’ now, so maybe we’re cool again after all?

Squidge and Boo

I love an easy at-home activity to do with my toddler and this one is right up my street as it’s edible! Squidge and Boo’s Sticky Blocks sensory play activity is perfect for a sunny afternoon – building towers with squirty cream as cement, brilliant! My little one loves to build a tower, and I know he’d love the cream too. We just need one of those elusive sunny days to get outside in the garden!

Rivers Writes

I’m sure we all remember reaching that age where suddenly our parents are soooo embarrassing! But somehow it never occurs to you that it’ll happen to you! I really felt for Sharon in her Embarrassing Mum post, as she described how her son had hidden a school event from her in the hope that she wouldn’t turn up and embarrass him! And I thought back to all those times I told my parents I would rather they didn’t come to my school concerts and how hurtful that must have been. But as much as I might not have wanted them there, I still would have been upset if they hadn’t come (which they always did!). It’s such a tough job being a parent!

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