Summer style in your 30’s


Where does a mum in her 30’s shop for clothes? I think like most mums I lost my interest in fashion and style in general after having Max. The completely all-encompassing aspect of having a newborn, combined with insecurity in my different body shape, and the limits that breastfeeding puts on the clothing you can wear, all added up to mean that it was a long time before my love of clothes returned.

But I think once you emerge from the newborn fog (which can take longer for some people than others!), you start to crave things that make you feel good again, and clothes are one of those things for me. But all of those shops that I used to trawl for clothes suddenly felt too young, or too office-worker. I’d walk around my beloved Zara and despite seeing things I’d admired on other people, the rails just looked like a jumble sale, and Topshop was all filled with crop tops (with a mum-tum? Run away!).


Boden Dresses

Boden shirt dress, Boden Dolly Dress


It was through buying clothes for Max that I discovered Boden (they do the best range for little boys!), and I’m so glad I did. They seem to have a great understanding of what women over the age of 30 are looking for – flattering clothes, colourful and exciting prints. And there always seems to be a tempting sale on!

I’ve spent all summer so far living in this denim shirt dress – so flattering, and great for casual wear, but smart enough for a work meeting.

I also love the green paisley print of their Dolly dress – a dress is so easy to throw on without having to put together a whole outfit. The floaty fabric is pretty and feminine, and I love the way the sleeves just drape. I’m considering buying it in yellow too!


Embrace the Breton stripes

Boden long sleeve breton tops


Like most mums (according to my Instagram anyway), I pretty much live in Breton stripe tops. So classic, and they go with anything. I have a huge range of Bretons, but Boden’s long sleeved Breton tops my list – they are lightweight, wear well, wash well, and come in a huge range of colour options. Joules are another of my favourite Breton suppliers (I sound like an addict!) – fantastic quality – but the material is thicker, so I tend to only wear them in winter.


Dungaree playsuit, River Island Dungaree mini dress


To jazz up the Breton for summer, I’ve been pairing my Bretons with a denim dungaree dress from ASOS – a little shorter than I would normally go for, so I feel this adds a bit of an ‘edge’ to the look (who am I kidding, I’m probably one of the least edgy dressers out there!)

Have you found that your style has changed in your 30’s? Where do you find yourself shopping – I’m always on the lookout for new brands!