The Pregnancy Diaries: Week 34


34 weeks pregnant and I’m pretty much done with this now! This week has been such a struggle to get through – the sickness is back, I ache everywhere, I can’t sleep – I keep reassuring myself that we just have 5 more weeks to get through.


What’s going on with the baby

34 weeks seems like a huge milestone, as 99% of babies born from now on would be able to survive outside the womb. He’ll be putting on the fat ready for the birth and his skin is smoothing out and his lungs are maturing all the time.


What’s going on with me

I genuinely don’t think I was struggling this much at this point in my first pregnancy. I didn’t stop work until 36 weeks, was still commuting 3 days a week into London, and at 34 weeks ran an important assessment centre for my main client which is always a full on day. Albeit the sickness hadn’t returned, but I suspect that running around after a toddler is far more exhausting than work ever was!

My pelvis feels like it’s splitting in two, and the baby feels like he’s moved lower. After his quiet day last week, he’s been full of kicks this week. Everything feels swollen – my hands, my feet, and more noticeably than anything else, my face. We took some family photos this week which I have promptly discarded as I have about 4 chins in all of them!

I feel absolutely enormous and finding a comfortable position is really difficult, not just when sleeping, but throughout the day. Talking of sleeping, that’s become a distant memory, and I seem to be tossing and turning for half the night.

I’m looking forward to a midwife appointment next week – it feels like it’s been absolutely ages since I saw my midwife. And the fact that from now on they’ll be every two weeks brings it home that it’s all very close now!


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