The Pregnancy Diaries: Week 36


Today marks the end of week 36 and I’ve reached full term! And let me tell you, I feel every inch of it. But the end is in sight!


What’s going on with the baby

At 36 weeks pregnant, he’s pretty much fully formed at this point and is just putting on weight now ready to make his arrival. He’ll be shedding the downy hair that’s covered him, as well as the vernix caseosa – the wax that will have covered him as protection.


What’s going on with me


Despite all the general aches and pains of pregnancy, it’s actually been a much better week than last week! Max and I managed to get out for a trip to Greys Court, which was a lovely day out, despite being a bit of a challenge in keeping up with him as he raced around.

I definitely feel like the baby has moved down – the bump has noticeably dropped, and I feel like my pelvis is loosening up in preparation for what’s ahead. Literally the only comfortable place now is bouncing on the birthing ball – sitting on the sofa, lying down, sitting on the floor, any other position is so uncomfortable.

I think as things get closer I’m starting to think about all the practical stuff that’s going to make life easier in those first few weeks. I’ve started batch cooking things like vegetable chilli, bolognese, and a few curries to put in the freezer.

My stomach feels really stretched now – my belly button is fully inside out. I’m slathering on creams and oils in the hope of avoiding any new stretch marks – so far it’s looking good, but I’m not holding out too much hope, as they only appeared after the birth last time. But who doesn’t love the smell of Palmers Cocoa Butter anyway – any excuse to rub that in has to be good!

I decided quite early on this pregnancy that I wanted to test privately for Group B Strep. If you’ve not heard of it before, it’s a really common infection that 1/4 women carry, and which can have serious implications for your baby. You can read my post on my testing experience from earlier this week. Thankfully my results came back negative which is great news, as it means I should still be able to labour in the midwife led birth centre as planned.

I’m also really pleased to have my parents back from holiday at the start of next week. It’s been a mild concern about going into labour before now, as I probably would have had to go to the hospital on my own, as we wouldn’t have had any childcare options for Max. But the fact that they’re back has taken a weight off my mind – I’d really prefer to have my husband there with me when it comes to it! Of course, mum and dad areĀ still a 30 minute drive away at best, so I’m really hoping that things don’t kick off too quickly and give them enough time to get here.

But I finally feel like things are all in place for the baby’s arrival – any time you’re ready is fine with us now!

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