Ben’s First Tooth! {With Nibbling Teething Accessories}


We’ve hit one of the big milestones with Ben recently, and it’s one that he’s been thinking we’ve been on the cusp of for a while now – his first tooth! At 9 months he still had no signs of a tooth, despite having been teething for what felt like ages, so I think we were all relieved when that little white tip poked itself through. And lo and behold the following week it’s little partner popped through next to it. We’ve been dosing him up on the calpol to get us all through, but we were thrilled to be sent these gorgeous teething products from Nibbling to ease his pain – particularly as his favourite way to relieve the pain is to chomp down on my hand!

Nibbling was set up by mum of 3,¬†Emily Sunderland Sutter, and the range aims to combine beautiful, colourful designs, with ethical materials to help soothe your teething baby. The range initially started with teething jewellery, but soon expanded to include teething toys, dummy clips, and silicone placemats. I’m always drawn in by pretty colours, and Nibbling really deliver on that front – they have such beautiful colours!


Nlibbling Stellar Rattle Ring in pale blue

Close up of the Nibbling Stellar Rattle Ring Teether


We were sent the Stellar Natural Wood Rattle Ring, which is one of the newest additions to the product range. The wood is eco-friendly treated maple and the beads are made from 100% food grade silicone, and BPA free, so everything is non-toxic and safe for your baby to chew on. When you have a baby who puts everything in their mouth, it’s great to have something you can give them which you know is safe!


Close up of Stellar Wooden Rattle Teether from Nibbling, in pale blue and wood

Baby holding Nibbling teething toy and laughing


It’s easy to clean – you can rinse in hot soapy water, but just need to remember not to leave it submerged due to the wooden parts.

Ben’s been really enjoying playing with it (and throwing it across the room, waiting for me to retrieve it. It’s a great game apparently!)

Ben is also very attached to his dummy, so I was really interested in the dummy clips. In general I’m not a great fan of dummies – they just don’t look very nice! So an accessory like this is a lovely way to pretty them up a bit, while still being safe for your baby if they decide to play with it. I love the chunky beads and the pretty colours, and they have a great range of different colour combinations to choose from.



Nibbling dummy clip in grey and turquoise

Close up of the Nibbling dummy clip in turquoise, grey and black, with hexagonal bead in the middle

I love the option of having a teether as a dummy clip, because you know that it’s always to hand for your baby to grab if they feel the need. Ben absolutely loves this one – it has a hexagonal bead, which always seems to be his favourite when he’s struggling with teething.

The last few weeks have seen quite a grumpy Ben, so it’s been great to have these to hand to ease his pain a little bit. And judging by the last few days, I’m expecting tooth 3 any day now!


Disclosure: We were kindly sent these products in exchange for our honest review. All words and opinions are my own.

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