How to Survive The Hell of Teething


Just when you thought you’d cracked the whole ‘looking after a baby’ thing, here comes teething to knock that new found confidence down a peg or two! As an adult, you forget how unbearable any kind of pain in your tooth is, until you watch your child go through it and suddenly it all seems horribly real. Sleepless nights, sore gums, ear pulling, dribbling, red cheeks, grumpiness, loose nappies – the list of teething symptoms is a long one! We’re just entering what I call ‘the two years of hell’ with Ben, and I’ve put together a little list of all the things we’ve found to help us make it through ( mostly) unscathed.


Teething Granules

Max didn’t really grasp the concept of teething toys, so teething granules were one of the only things which brought him relief. Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules are a chamomile based homeopathic remedy which I swear by – they come in little sachets that you can carry around in your bag for emergencies, and you simply tear open and tip the granules into your baby’s mouth. I always found they worked instantly to relieve the pain of teething, and you can use one sachet every two hours (but not more than 6 in 24 hours). You can start using them from 3 months, and for me these are an essential for that first year.



Teething Jewellery

I love all the ranges of teething jewellery that have emerged since I had Max. The lovely Rachel at Seb & Roo* kindly sent me this gorgeous turquoise necklace in preparation for Ben starting teething and it’s lovely to have a plus side to the whole teething process, as it’s gorgeous! It looks so cheerful and brightens up any outfit, and when you’re a tired new mum, colourful accessories to distract from the dark circles are an essential. Ben has really taken to it as well and loves the different shapes and sizes of the beads – things like these are perfect for that stage where your baby hasn’t really grasped onto the knack of holding a chunky toy and manoeuvring it to their mouth. The beads are made from food grade, BPA, Phthalate and lead free silicone and easily washable.


Baby holding teething necklace in his hands, looking at it and smiling


There are lots of gorgeous designs on Seb & Roo’s Etsy store – I’m just treated myself to The Lottie, with it’s grey, turquoise, pink and white colour combination. Beautiful!


Teething Gel

This time around I was recommended Anbesol by my sister and it’s been amazing – I can’t believe I didn’t try it with Max! A little of the gel popped onto Ben’s gums and it calms him right down. The relief is only temporary and you can only apply every 3 hours, but it seems enough to take the edge off for him.



Dribble Bibs

The endless dribble is massive part of teething and I remember going through so many changes of tops with Max! A good dribble bib can mean fewer outfits, but also prevent nasty rashes on your little one’s chin if it can absorb the saliva effectively. We love this bandana style one by Bibetta*, which gathers in perfect pleats around the chin to catch more dribble, and is the most absorbent I’ve come across without having that crinkly feel that often comes with waterproof products. It’s lovely and soft and looks great too.


Baby smiling up at the camera, wearing Bibetta dribble bib in pale blue with white stars


Cold food

The coolness of chilled food can often take the edge off the pain and feel comforting on sore gums. If you’ve started solid food, try freezing different fruits, or making milk ice lollies, or just some cold yoghurt or cucumber.


Teething Toys

I have to say that Max never really cottoned on to teething toys as a way to relieve pain – he was only ever concerned with putting food in his mouth! But teething toys are a tried and tested way for easing the pain – just look at the popularity of Sophie la Giraffe! Try popping them in the fridge to make them nice and cool.


Sophie la giraffe teething toy, Cheeky Chompers teethers, and taggie blanket set out on marble worktop


Calpol / Ibuprofen

If all else fails, I always turn to traditional painkillers for help! I’ve always found Ibuprofen works better for teething, but you do have the added complication of not being able to give it on an empty stomach, so it’s not great for nighttime.


I’m sure over the next two years I’ll have plenty of occasions where I need to dig out all of these! Do you have any teething tips you swear by? Do leave me a comment and let me know!


Disclosure: I was sent some of these items, but under no obligation to include them in this post – I just love them and wanted to let you know about them! Gifted items are indicated with an *

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