18 months…


18 months has gone by in a blur, but it’s the big milestones that make you stop and take stock of everything. At a year and a half I’ve suddenly realised that my demanding baby who couldn’t be put down, fed constantly, and had no concept of sleep has become an adorable little person who is a real joy to be around. I find it amazing to see all the wonder in the world through the eyes of a toddler – everything is full of joy, whether it’s seeing a pigeon outside or picking up a handful of dirt! It’s charming to see him picking up the little tasks and routines we have in everyday life – he loves to ‘help’ with putting the washing in the washing machine, will bring the clothes to you when you’re hanging them on the line, and loves to copy Daddy mowing the lawn with his toy lawnmower. He’s even learnt to ‘tidy up’ (I have to credit nursery with this one – they have a Tidy Up Song which they sing as they do it, all very Mary Poppins!) Long may that one continue!


At 18 months, Max:


  • Can wave hello and goodbye
  • Dances to his favourite music (turns out Max is a big hip hop fan)
  • Can kick a football
  • Feeds himself with cutlery
  • Laughs hysterically at his own jokes
  • Throws an epic tantrum
  • Has 12 teeth, including 4 molars
  • Loves dogs, until they lick him
  • Enjoys a scone with cream and jam (shared with Mummy!)
  • Loves a milkshake (and does not like to share these with Mummy at all!)
  • Gives sloppy kisses

Max - Virginia Water

Max - Virginia Water, running


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