Me and Mine: A Family Portrait in April


What an up and down month April has been in our family! I’m so aware now that our time together as a family of three is coming to a close, and all being well we’re about to start a whole new chapter in early June. I’m so conscious of these last few months where Max gets to be the centre of our little world, and I really want to make the most of them for him. So despite the fact that the sickness has made a very unwelcome return, on the days where it’s been bearable, we’ve made a real effort to get out and about.

I really love this set, which we took on a trip to Winkworth Arboretum to see the bluebells. We were a bit more organised than normal, and after last month’s slightly out of focus set, we took the tripod and the remote shutter so that Max could press it without resetting the focus (sometimes this worked, sometimes not!). It’s amazing how a child who is not at all in the mood to have his photo taken suddenly comes around to the idea when he gets to be in charge of taking the shot! Watching his enthusiasm in running back and forth, carefully avoiding all those tree roots and stones in the path, is so funny, and that warm fuzzy memory is what I remember every time I look at these shots.

I love that you can see the bump so clearly in all of these too (not that there’s really a way to hide it these days!). It’s such a special time in our life as a family and I’m so pleased that we’ve been able to capture it here to be able to look back on. As much as I hate seeing my puffy pregnancy face now, I know I’ll love looking back on it! Having a new baby is such a strange one to get your head around – before they arrive you can’t quite imagine what they’ll be like, and then as soon as they’re here you can’t quite seem to remember a time before they were with you. My emotions are all over the place about it really – I’m so excited for June, and yet I also want to savour all these moments with Max before he’s thrust into the world of being a big brother. He’s so excited, but I think he has no idea how his little world is about to change!


Katy John and Max stood holding hands on path with blossom and bluebells in background

John and Katy stood in front of blossom tree