5 Happy Things #2


It’s funny the way just when life seems to be going swimmingly it has a habit of throwing you a curve ball. This week has been a bit of a rollercoaster with Max coming down with the dreaded Hand, Foot and Mouth disease (no relation to the more well known Foot and Mouth) which has resulted in a grumpy Max and more than a few sleepless nights for everyone. So it’s been lovely to look back at the little snippets that have made my week and realise that it’s not been so bad after all. Things that have been a little ray of sunshine this week:


  1. Stopping off for a hot chocolate halfway round Virginia Water and thinking, ‘That woman coming round the corner looks like my Mum… and she’s with my Dad!’ Cue mad waving from me and lots of staring from passers by. We’d both decided (without consultation) to go for a Sunday morning walk around the lake, so the other half of the walk I had a nice catch up with Mum.


  1. Emptying out an old handbag and finding two mislaid MAC lipsticks (Brave Red and Unlimited) – result!


  1. Starting the Couch to 5K program for the third time – it’s my first attempt at getting back into running since being pregnant, so I expected it to be far more hard going but it was easier than expected and I felt great! Amazing moment when I ran past a heron on the canal, only about a metre from me. He didn’t bat an eyelid, which probably says more about my running pace than the bravery of the heron!


  1. Max emptying out my purse for about the 100th time – credit cards everywhere, coffee loyalty cards strewn across the floor, and I notice a tiny diamond earring that I’d put in my purse about two years ago for safekeeping when the butterfly back came off and totally forgotten about! I’ll let him play in my purse more often from now on.


  1. Having friends over for dinner last night and having a good old catch up. I tried out a new recipe for roast chicken with roasted peppers, courtesy of Nigella, and it was a lovely surprise – perfect dinner party recipe as it’s all prep and then just leave in the oven. Accompanied by lots of red wine – perfect!

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