5 Happy Things #12


I’m not going to lie – it seems like it’s been a difficult week over here. We have a lot of family stuff going on which is getting me down, and the weather being so up and down is really throwing my mood off. But even in a pretty rubbish week there are positives to look at – isn’t that what a Happy List is all about? đŸ™‚


01. We had such a lovely weekend last week celebrating Max’s birthday. We went to Legoland on Saturday and he was so excited to be back he shouted all the way up the drive to the car park (I’m amazed he remembered it as the last time we went was in December!). He loved wandering around Miniland, although I’m not sure he was as taken with the balloon ride which we tried for the first time. On Sunday we went to the zoo, and he was really taken with the penguins – I think he could have watched them for hours! It was lovely to see him really grasp the concept of ‘his birthday’ – he blew out a candle (after I showed him how to do it the first time) and he definitely knew that it was a special day for him.


02. Max and I made up a game the other night in the bath – he would bang on the side of the bath, and I’d go to the door, pretending I thought there was someone there. When it turned out to be Mr Nobody, the idea that he’d played a joke on me was the funniest thing he’d ever heard and the peals of laughter went on for ages. He’s such a funny little sausage sometimes!


03. The garden is starting to come into it’s own – the tulips and muscari are out, and the lupins, peonies, and allium are clearly not going to be too far behind. Even some lavender that I thought was fit only for the bin has started to show some small signs of growth – it’s been granted a reprieve for now!


04. Last night I went with my Mum and my sister to see Blood Brothers at High Wycombe – one of our all time favourites! Despite a stressful 2 hour car journey to get there (should be about 30 minutes!) it was a fabulous show. I made the mistake of not taking tissues with me though – why do I do this every time?!


05. Isn’t it lovely to have a weekend every now and again where you have no plans? Our diaries for this one were completely empty (which after the busy-ness of last week’s birthday weekend has felt blissful!)