5 Happy Things #15


It’s been a really busy couple of weeks lately, so crammed full of lovely stuff it’s been difficult to choose 5 highlights! A Bank Holiday always does that, doesn’t it?


01.After a busy weekend it was lovely to have a restful Bank Holiday Monday! We had a lazy morning, then heading to my favourite place, RHS Wisley, for a wander. I love visiting Wisley with all three of us as it means I can grab a few moments to properly take things in while John keeps an eye on Max! Max loved this huge plant – very pre-historic looking, don’t you think? I can just imagine a dinosaur nibbling on the top of it!


02. Last Saturday my Mum, my sister and I went to see Aladdin in the West End – it was stunningly good! Aladdin is one of my favourite Disney films and we were all so excited to hear they were making a stage version of it. There were some fabulous set pieces, and the genie was fantastic – a difficult role as it’s so intrinsically Robin Williams, but the guy who played him really put his own spin on it. And a good bit of magic thrown in too!


Legoland - Max and John on the Balloon ride


03. We’ve been making the most of the remaining months on our annual passes for Legoland (who am I kidding, we’re definitely renewing them!). We’ve managed to get on some rides that we’d never been on before as the queues are normally quite long – Boating School, Laser Riders, and the Balloon Ride, and we also sat through our first pirate show! (We also sat through the abomination that is the Lego Friends show, but the less said about that the better!) I love the Laser Riders ride – it’s great for Max, but also has that competitive element which appeals to me – I love to try and beat my high score – 31,500!


04. We met up with some friends and their two little boys at Ashridge Forest and had a great time! Max loved exploring the wood and did loads of walking. He’s not normally great with new people, particularly other children, so it was lovely to see him get on so well with both their boys, and he was full of saying goodbye and hi-fiving when it was time to leave.


05. I’ve spent lots of time in the garden lately, restoring from the flooding early last month. I’ve worked in loads of fertiliser to restore the nutrients to the ground, and planted a few new plants to replace some that didn’t make it through the flood. And everything is starting to bloom as expected – although from the look of it, we’re going to miss the peonies as we have an upcoming holiday. Such a shame they’re so short lived!


I’m hoping that this awful weather we’ve been having lately disappears so that we can enjoy the rest of the summer – come back sunshine, we miss you!

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