A Tale of Two Holidays: Our Trip to Bluestone Wales {Part Two}


If you read Part One of our trip to Bluestone Wales, you’ll know that we had non-stop rain for our first couple of days. It didn’t dampen our spirits at all, but you can imagine how pleased we were to wake up to sunshine on our third day! Max and I donned our coats and headed up to The Village to explore the playground and the pretty coloured houses.


Exploring The Village


Little boy in yellow raincoat, walking towards blue and green coloured houses at Bluestone Wales

Pastel coloured houses in The Village at Bluestone Wales. With blue skies and fluffy white clouds above blue and green cottages

Yellow and peach coloured cottages in The Village at Bluestone Wales


Max loved the playground and we were up so early we had it pretty much to ourselves. It was small but with some great things to play on. A boat is always a big hit with Max and he loved steering this one and peering through the binoculars.


Little boy dressed in yellow raincoat, stood in wooden boat in playground, looking through binoculars

Little boy dressed in yellow raincoat, running towards blue and green coloured houses at Bluestone Wales

View across the rolling hills at Bluestone Wales resort, with trees in the foreground and wooden lodges behind them


Later that morning I had a trip to the spa on my own. It’s so rare since having the two children that I get time to myself, but as an introvert it’s something I crave constantly. It was so lovely to get the chance to just be with my own thoughts for a couple of hours as I moved around the different steam rooms. I also had a massage and facial which were amazing and left me walking out absolutely glowing.


A Walk in the Woods

When the boys met me after my spa time, we headed out to explore the woods. All the outdoor space at Bluestone was one of the things that we were really looking forward to, and the woods are perfect for families, with different trails of varying lengths, depending on how little the legs are in your family.


Wooden bridge with tall pine trees in the background. A little boy dressed in a yellow raincoat is walking across it and has almost reached the other side.

Wooden bridge at Bluestone Wales, with sign reading "Troll Bridge"


There were so many things to interest kids – fairy doors, troll bridges, wooden toadstools, streams which just invited you to paddle in. It’s the kind of place which just invites kids to be a bit more adventurous, to get hands on with nature, and to be a bit braver. Max can often be a bit wary, but he was really keen to wade into the little stream holding my hand, and loved it so much that he dragged me back into it after we’d come out!


Little boy knocking on the door of a wooden shed. The shed has a fairytale look to it, with leaning sides and a wonky roof

Little boy looking at red spotted wooden toadstool in the woods

Trail in the woods at Buestone Wales. Sunshine is streaming through the trees and a little boy dressed in a yellow raincoat is walking to catch up with his Dad, who is wearing a baby in a carrier

Little boy in the woods, looking up at tall pine trees with sun streaming through. He is dressed in a yellow raincoat and red wellies


Our Beach Day

Our fourth and final day at Bluestone dawned and we knew exactly what we wanted to do with it – head to the beach! I actually had a long list of beaches that I’d wanted to explore, but with the lack of sunshine I had to narrow it down to just two. So we headed to the two beaches closest to Bluestone – Tenby and Saundersfoot. We parked up at Tenby, bought Max the obligatory overpriced bucket and spade, and walked down the hill to the beach. It’s the perfect beach if you have a pushchair, as there is a ramp that you can wheel down, so no need to worry about steps.

Tenby harbour, with pastel coloured houses overlooking the beach


Pastel coloured townhouses in green, pale blue and blue, overlooking Tenby beach


Tenby is so pretty, with all it’s pastel coloured houses which overlook the beach – it’s an Instagram dream, and I’ve just realised now that I don’t think I popped even one post on Instagram while we were there. What a terrible Instagrammer I am!

It was so funny watching Ben on the beach. When Max was little, he hated the texture of sand, and has only come around to it in the last couple of years. But Ben took to it straight away, ploughing his hands through it and shoving fistfuls of it into his mouth!


Tenby beach on sunny day in April, with big rock in foreground and blue skies and fluffy clouds on the horizon


Max was more than happy digging holes and building sandcastles. I suggested we look for shells to decorate the sandcastles with, which Max loved the idea of, but insisted that I go off myself to hunt for shells. So off I headed and found some beauties. But sadly they weren’t destined for decoration – Max commandeered them for a treasure hunt and buried them in little spots around where we were sitting, before insisting we all join him on a hunt for his buried treasure.

We’d also brought the kite, as Max had said he wanted to fly it on the beach, but just like me with the shells, my husband ended up flying it on his own while Max amused himself digging!

We even managed to meet my lovely Instagram/ blog friend Meg (Little Miss Tiggy) for lunch, after realising that she lived really close. It was lovely to meet up and put a real life face to a virtual one, although neither Max or Tiggy were in the mood for photos!

In the afternoon we headed to Saundersfoot, which is a long stretch of sandy beach with numerous places to eat, and lots of parking right at the harbour. We had planned to grab fish and chips there, but with both Max and Ben looking pretty exhausted, we decided to head back to Bluestone and enjoy our dinner watching the sunset.


Family sat on the beach. Katy dressed in yellow floral hoodie and jeans, Max in yellow raincoat, John holding baby Ben

Family sat on the beach in a row, facing away from the camera looking out to sea. Blue skies above with fluffy white clouds

Sunset at Bluestone Wales, with pink fluffy clouds in the sky over the wooden lodges


I hadn’t been quite sure what to expect from Bluestone, but even despite the mixed weather, it completely won me round. I’d absolutely love to return and do a few more of the activities, especially the dinner show experience and Camp Smokey (we felt our boys were just too young), and it’s a place that I can see offering so much for the boys as they grow up and the perfect place for us to make memories which stay with us. We all left Bluestone very sad to say goodbye and I very much hope to return!


Disclosure: We were invited to stay at Bluestone Wales in exchange for our honest review.


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