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When it comes to my daily life, I’m all about routine. I like to plan, and I find it difficult to drop everything and change track. I’ve never been a spontaneous person, and I’ve learnt that I find the unexpected very stressful. During the week, we tend to stay at the house after it hits 4pm, as that’s when both boys tend to get grumpy, and I always feel that you’re just on the downward slope to bedtime by that point.

But this week I decided to turn that on it’s head. Max asked at 3pm if we could go to the scooter park that afternoon. My usual response to that would be no; we’d been out to RHS Wisley that morning and he was pretty tired from that trip and I could see the inevitable meltdown ahead of us. Ben was also in a really grumpy mood and had been fussy all afternoon. But something in me made me say yes. I feel that I end up saying no so much of the time as a Mum that I wanted to be the person who says yes, who embraces a bit of spontaneity.

So after tea we packed the scooter in the car and off we went to the scooter park. The sun was starting to go down and it was golden hour, which meant that I was as happy playing with my camera as Max was scooting around. We raced each other, he showed me all his ‘tricks’, and we had the place pretty much all to ourselves. Even Ben cheered up a bit and it really was brilliant.


Little boy on scooter with leg in the air, long shadow on the ground in front of him and late evening sun behind him

Little boy scooting towards the camera on scooter track with setting sun behind him


Even a bit of a disaster couldn’t ruin it for Max. He scooted through the middle of a huge puddle and hit quite a big hole in the middle of it, and I watched him fall over in the puddle. I knew that this would be the moment that caused tears and meant we had to head home. His jeans were soaked and I didn’t have a change of clothes, and it really wasn’t that warm. And sure enough the tears came, shouts of how the water was cold, and lots of cuddles. But when I asked if he wanted to go home, he was adamant that he wanted to stay and I realised what a treat he thought this was.


Little boy on scooter, scooting through large puddle which shows the reflections of the clouds


Little boy scooting on scooter track, with trees and setting sun in the background


We got home, tired, but with that happy glow about us. And I wasn’t too surprised when I came back downstairs after getting Ben to sleep, to find Max sound asleep on the sofa, absolutely exhausted. Although it’s not something that we’ll be doing all that often, it felt really good to break our routine. For the first time in my life, it felt good to be spontaneous!


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