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I’ve been determined to make the most of the time Max and I have together before he starts school in September. I love our adventures together and exploring new places, and it tends to be our days out that I have the fondest memories of. But over the last few weeks he’s been quite under the weather. I think he’s been struggling with a virus, because he’s not had many outward signs of being ill – no sickness, just a bit of a cough. But he’s not been his usual energetic self at all – he’s been quite listless, preferring to stay at home, and he’s crashed out on the sofa nearly every day for the past 3 weeks. He’s also been far more emotional than normal – both in getting very angry and upset over tiny things, and also in being very affectionate and quite clingy. There’s been lots of big hugs, and “I love you” over the last few weeks!

We gave into it this week and just had a few days at home where we camped out on the sofa and watched Disney films for most of the day. I love that we’re slowly expanding our Disney repertoire, which now includes all of the Toy Story films, Frozen, Aladdin, and Finding Nemo. I looked over and saw him draped over the sofa, legs in the air, and thumb in his mouth, and it struck me that these quiet days at home will be something that I’ll miss just as much as our big days out. We’ve loved making pizzas, having picnics in the living room, tea parties, and a lot of colouring in. As much as I love getting outside, I’m a homebird at heart, and I’ve always loved just camping out at home, cuddling up on the sofa and watching a film.


Little boy lying on sofa, wearing pjyamas, sucking his thumb


I grabbed my camera quickly and I’m so pleased with how these photos came out. They seem to capture the quietness of these few days so perfectly. There’s something so little-boy-ish about his pose here that makes me realise how little he is, and how much he’s growing up every single day, and how much the clock is ticking on the time we have before he starts school.


Little boy sat on sofa, playing with Buzz Lightyear toy


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